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Braces are a highly successful method of correcting dental impairment and are treated at all ages. Braces prices are generally priced according to the impairment of the teeth and jaw structure. It has great importance in braces prices and materials used. Continue to get more and updated information about braces prices!

Braces Treatment Process and Steps !.

The first step of braces treatment is to clean the caries and tooth stones in the patient by the specialist. Teeth are prepared for bracing and necessary examinations are made. Then braces begin to be worn, if necessary, a tire is attached to support the teeth. It is quite normal for you to feel an excess in your mouth at first after this treatment. In the later stages of the treatment, it is normal to feel pain when your teeth start shaping with braces and your teeth are moving.

It is difficult to consume meat and hard foods when the braces are first installed. Therefore, such nutrients should not be taken. Especially in the early days, very soft and liquid foods should be consumed. Your dentist will explain the specific information about this subject in more detail.

Braces Types and Differences !.

There are different types of braces and people can choose according to their teeth structure. Instead of metal braces, which were quite prominent in old times, you can choose colorful and transparent braces today. Braces prices also differ according to their types. The most preferred and applied braces are as follows.

  • Metal Braces,
  • Transparent Braces,
  • Lingual Bracket,
  • Transparent Plate,

Current Braces Prices 2020 List!.

2020 DENTAL WIRE PRICES Taxes Included
Angle class 1 orthodontic treatment 285$
Angle class 2 orthodontic treatment 340$
Angle class 3 orthodontic treatment 455$
Fixed closing amplifier application 20$
Open closing orthodontic treatment 450$
Reinforcement treatment braces price 100$
Reinforcement device (hawley etc.) 105$
Fixed Reinforcement Device (lingual retainer) 110$
Making appliances for single jaw (excluding screw) 110$
Making appliances for double jaws (frankey-akt etc.) 190$
Lingual Ark 60$
Bracket application (single tooth) 28$
Falling bracket application (one chin) 25$
Straight arc wire application (single chin wire) 45$
Intraoral Distalization Apparatus (Pendex etc.) 230$
Fast maxillary expansion apparatus 150$

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